InProfix Inc::Insurance Industry Artificial Intelligence

InProfix, a stealth mode startup, develops analytical technologies that intelligently and automatically match the right risk with the right price helping insurers to create and maintain profitable portfolios.

  • Claims modeling and prediction

    We develop a radically new approach for claims modeling and prediction. Our proprietary approach is based on applying machine-learning algorithms to predict time-to-claim events. Our approach supplements and enhances commonly used analysis of the frequency of claims (how many) and the severity (cost) of each claim. Read more here...

  • Analyzing competitive prices

    We develop a radically new approach for collecting and analyzing competitive prices for insurance products. This approach is based on our proprietary analytical methodology intended to analyze insurance quotes collected from brokers and agents. We create insurance shopping panel that is robust and trusted, and that can be used by commercial insurers to make educated decisions regarding their products, marketing efforts, etc.

  • Intelligent underwriting automation

    For years, sound underwriting decisions were considered the result of judgment, experience, and gut feelings. The only way for a new or young underwriter to gain judgment was by working under the guidance of a successful senior underwriter and gradually gaining experience. We develop a radically new approach for automation of underwriting decision making process. Read more here...

  • Advanced price recommendation

    We develop advanced price recommendation algorithms that, unlike others, do not use non-risk-related factors. Our recommendation engine serves as basis for automation of underwriting decision making process.